The number of sperms in a semen sample is one of the most important factors in a man’s ability to father children. Poor sperm quality is one of the biggest causes of human infertility and affects about 1 in 20 males of reproductive age. The quality of the sperm is one aspect, the other factors includes sperm motility (movement), and morphology- shape and size of sperm cells.
Normal shaped sperm have oval heads and long tails that helps to propel them towards the cervix and into the egg. Abnormal sperm have head or tail either a large or misshapen head or a crooked or double tail. These flaws can affect the ability of the sperm to swim and penetrate an egg.

Poor environmental factors and diet are some of the leading causes of sperm health decline and have been proven to affect sperm production and vitality. They include;
Unhealthy lifestyle choices- absorbing too much heat in the body due to ill-fitting or tight clothing, placing laptop on the laps can affect the testes where sperm are produced.
Other factors like obesity, stress, alcohol abuse, excessive drinking, and drug abuse can lead to lower sperm production and quality.
A healthy semen sample contains up to 15 million (ml) to 39million (ml) per sample according to WHO measuring benchmark. Good news is there are natural remedies and foods that boost sperm production.
According to ongoing studies, sperms that are of a poor quality have far reaching effects than an inability to father children. Studies have shown that poor sperm quality can influence the child’s health and predispose him/her to genetic diseases and even cancer. Environmental impact and paternal age are also contributing factors. Therefore, it is important for couples to do this before considering pregnancy.
The presence of hormones controls the production and viability of sperm. However, eating foods rich in specific nutrients can boost sperm production and viability. In addition to food, there are lots of other simple ways to boost sperm count that are healthy and potent. One of the simplest ways backed by a high level of research is to simply take a capsule of this natural and organic supplement every day.
Eating the right diet that contains some of the following food and nutrients can help improve the overall health of sperm as well as increase sperm production.
Foods that boost sperm production includes
Garlic: Garlic contains vital properties like Vitamin B6 and selenium which aids sperm production. In addition to its blood cleansing abilities, ginger aids blood flow to the arteries. A good blood supply to the penis is necessary for an erection.
Walnut- are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are linked with increased sperm vitality, motility and morphology. A paper published in August 15 by the Biology of reproduction papers- in- press reveals eating 75grams of walnut a day improves the vitality, motility and morphology of sperm in healthy males. Walnut also counteracts the harmful effect of other poor lifestyles choices that leads to male infertility. A simple natural source of the right doses of walnut and other essential nutrients for optimum sperm production can be found here.
Avocadoes- contain beneficial oil like omega 3fats that help in testicular function and semen quality.
Pumpkin seeds- have very high levels of zinc which play important role in sperm development, testicular function and semen quality.
Dark chocolate -are a rich source of amino acid, L-arginine, increase sperm volume and sperm count.
Water – semen is water-based and increasing your liquid consumption helps in improving the quality, quantity and sperm motility.
More amazing foods that does wonders for sperm production includes lentils, berries, banana, eggs, chocolate, broccoli, walnut, tomatoes and water.
Other power nutrients found in food that boost sperm production includes:
Vitamin D- Vitamin D has been proven to improve sperm motility. And can be obtained in red meat, oily fish, egg yolk.
Selenium- improves the quality of sperm. A combined dose of selenium and vitamin E was found to improve sperm motility and shape (morphology).
Zinc- a zinc enriched diet is great for fertility, increase in sperm production and motility.
 Folic acid- is not only beneficial to preventing spina bifida in early pregnancy but has been shown to be beneficial in increasing sperm production and overall health of the sperm.
 In general, in a healthy male, taking adequate rest with the right diet and fluid intake should improve the health of the semen and keep sperm production at optimum.


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