While you cannot control all the factors that affect fertility, there are some that you can do something about.
Consider the testicles as a factory or warehouse where the sperm is produced and stored. They are also responsible for the male hormone, testosterone. Quite often, fertility issues are associated with women. But in reality, it may not be the case as both male and female share this responsibility equally by 50 percent.
As a man, the lifestyle you choose can have a big impact on your sperm health. Being the ideal dad comes with the responsibility of taking care of your sperm, and you would be amazed at how much power you have over the health and vitality of your sperm.
Here are a few tips to help you keep a healthy sperm count:

1.  Watch your Weight
A healthy sperm count thrives on the right balance of hormones. And to be honest, excess fat doesn't help. You will not just be looking better naked when you quit being overweight, you will be helping your testosterone. Excess fat can reduce testosterone levels, thereby affecting your ability to produce sperm.
In case you do not know by now, sperm prefer colder temperatures (otherwise you might have had your testicles living inside your body), and belly fat or thigh fat can increase the temperature of your body, affecting your sperm health. You'd be doing your sperm a lot of good by maintaining a healthy weight.

2. Cut down your caffeine consumption
Research has proven that sperm count was slightly reduced in men who consume too much caffeine. Try to stay under 18 ounces of regular coffee. The energy drinks you consume contain a lot of caffeine so isn't considered a good option. If you must take caffeine, two to three cups of black coffee will be just about alright.

3. Take less alcohol
We are not saying you should completely stay away from alcohol, but excessive consumption can affect your hormones and reduce sperm production. If you must, moderation is necessary.

4. Discard the Cigarettes
Tobacco literally messes with your manhood. Not only does it lower your sperm count, but it also causes them to be less motile. You can reverse every potential damage smoking may cause you if you quit today!

5. Avoid taking testosterone
A lot of men use testosterone as a performance-enhancing drug. Whether you use it illegally or under a doctor's supervision, it has a common side effect – shutting down your body's natural production of the hormone, which means shutting down sperm production.
You can consult your specialist for other natural ways to boost testosterone without harming your fertility.  


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